There are two parts to this assignment. First, write an informal essay in which you introduce yourself to me and describe your background as it may be relevant to this class. Second, list your learning objectives for the class and how you plan to achieve them.


This assignment sets a baseline for your mid-semester and final reflection that you will refer back to when you complete these assignments. It helps me, as your instructor, understand your learning objectives to help you get the most out of the course.


Read the syllabus, especially the learning outcomes, and read the class norms page in Canvas before completing this assignment. It’s OK if your response is terse; however, feel free to write as much as you like.

Part 1. Introduction

Your response should respond to the following questions in essay format using the headings listed below in bold (do not include the original prompts in your response):

  1. Area of study. What are your major and minor areas of study? What do you like most about them?
  2. Journey to this class. What journey led you to this class (answer this in any manner you like)?
  3. Prior experience. Do you have previous experience with media production? If yes, what have you done? 
  4. What I like. What media genres and formats do you experience regularly? What do you like about them?
  5. Co-op. Have you been on co-op? If yes, where did you work, and what did you learn? What did you like and not like about it? If you have yet to be on a co-op, are you looking for a particular co-op in the future? How might this course help you better qualify for that co-op?
  6. Plans after graduation. What would you like to be doing after graduation? Don’t hesitate to paint your dream scenario. 

Part 2. Personal learning objectives

Respond in essay format using the phases in bold below as your section headings, followed by your response. If the learning outcomes of the class align well with your learning objectives, say so; your response does not have to be complicated.  

  1. Personal learning goals. What do you want to learn the most in this class?
  2. How this class compliments my learning goals. If you are not in a major related to Media Arts, Media and Screen Studies, or Communication, how does this class complement your studies, career objectives, or personal learning goals?
  3. Final thoughts. Please include anything else you want me to know about you and your learning objectives.

Deliverable specifications

  1. The document begins with a header that includes your name and the name of the class, the date, and the name of the assignment. 
  2. The document responds to the questions above using bold phrases as section headings without the text from the original prompt appearing in the response.
  3. The document is uploaded as a PDF document (no other formats are acceptable) to Canvas before the deadline in response to the assignment. 
  4. As far as document formatting, consider using 0.75-inch margins and 1.0 to 1.2 line spacing; double spacing is too much; it’s a legacy of the typewriter era, as is underlining (which should be avoided except to indicate web links); use bold or italics instead, except for URLs (since the convention has become to underline them). Some extra spacing between paragraphs is a good idea for improved readability.


This assignment contributes towards your final grade (the point value is listed in Canvas) and will be evaluated on a Complete/Incomplete basis.

To be considered complete, the document must be submitted before the deadline and represent a thoughtful and wholehearted response to the questions outlined herein.

If your work on this assignment is assessed as “Incomplete” for not meeting the deliverable specifications, you may request an opportunity to rework the assignment per the policy outlined in the syllabus.