Rumblings of a Romance

Rumblings of a Romance RenaissanceRumblings of a Romance Renaissance was a stage play performed at The Mint Space in New York City in 1997 written by Gavin O’Connor and directed by Alfredo DeVilla. I worked on the production as the lighting designer. Alfredo’s background was filmmaking, and he wanted to bring some cinematic lighting conventions to the play to achieve a noir version of “Edward Hopper” for the lighting and set design. It was fun and challenging to bring a a noir sensibility to the stage through lighting. Rumblings of a Romance Renaissance featured Mark Jupiter, Jennifer Krater, Gavin O’Connor, and Elizabeth Rossa, Set Design by Rona Taylor, the Executive Producer was Greg O’Connor, the Producer was Cindy Nelson Mullen, and the Associate Producer was Kara Smith.