Provocative Objects

PO-02Orchestrating the Provocative Objects exhibition and producing an exhibition catalog to document the show provided my co-curator lou suSi and I with an opportunity to explore the process of conceiving, organizing, running, and documenting an exhibition and event. With Provocative Objects we worked within the constraints of time and budget as well as the limitations of the Doran Gallery, while at the same time evolving a critique of the aesthetics associated with the white cube. A limited edition of ten physical books were published. An digital copy of the exhibition catalog may be downloaded via the link below:

Download PDF (17.7MB)

PO-CatalogProvocative Objects offered me the opportunity to learn more about organizing, running, and documenting an exhibition and both about the conventions, codes, and practices of contemporary curatorial practices. Bruce Ferguson wrote that exhibitions are, “the central speaking subjects in the stories about art which institutions and curators tell to themselves and to us.” I came to appreciate the work that goes into producing an exhibition and a catalog, as well as the value of creating a tangible artifact to document the event and to bring together the ideas related to the works in the exhibition. In the end, I came to understand the significance of exhibitions as a social process of meaning making. I’m humbled when I reflect on the incredible level and quality of work everyone involved with the event contributed to make Provocative Objects successful.