Media Tech Tonic

Media-Tech-Tonic-PosterMedia Tech Tonic was a series of four workshops and fifteen lectures I programmed and organized at Massachusetts College of Art and Design from 2008 through 2011. The series was supported, in part, by the Dynamic Media Institute. The lectures include:

Media Tech Tonic #19: Storytelling for Designers Workshop, Kevin Brooks, UX Product Manager, Motorola Mobility, November 21, 2011

Media Tech Tonic #18: Enchanted Furniture, David Rose, Chief Executive Officer, Vitality, October 25, 2011

Media Tech Tonic #17: Information Architecture in the Age of Mobile Devices, Ryan Evans, Director of Experience Design, Corey McPherson Nash, November 18, 2010

Media Tech Tonic #16: Visual Representation of Science for Communication and Research, Bang Wong, Creative Director of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, October 26, 2010

Media Tech Tonic #15: Simulation and its Discontents, Sherry Turkle, Director, MIT Initiative on Technology and Self Program in Science, Technology, and Society, Dynamic Media Institute Annual Lecture, April 14, 2010

Media Tech Tonic #14: The Artist’s Hand in the Digital Age, Frank R. Wilson, Medical Director, Peter F. Ostwald Health Program for Performing Artists at the University of California School of Medicine, San Francisco. Organized in association with Professor Gunta Kaza and MassArt Curatorial Programs, March 23, 2010

Media Tech Tonic #13: High-Low Tech, Leah Buechley, Director, High-Low Tech Group, MIT Media Laboratory, March 18, 2010

Media Tech Tonic #12: Losing Your Voice:  Sampled Speech and Song from the Uncanny to the Unremarkable, Joseph Auner, Professor, Tufts University, December 2, 2009

Media Tech Tonic #11: What Art Can Tell Us About the Brain, Margaret Livingstone, Professor of Neurobiology, Harvard Medical School, author of Vision and Art: The Biology of Seeing, November 12, 2009

Media Tech Tonic #10: Computational Photography: The Future Starts Now, Ramesh Raskar, Director, Camera Culture Group, MIT Media Laboratory, October 20, 2009

Media Tech Tonic #9: Connections and the work of the Sociable Media Group, Judith Donath, Director, Social Media Group, MIT Media Laboratory, April 15, 2009

Media Tech Tonic #8: Inventing the Movies, Scott Kirsner, Journalist and Author, Inventing the Movies, March 25, 2009

Media Tech Tonic #7: Storytelling Workshop, Kevin Brooks, Storyteller, Member of Research Staff, Motorola Research, February 25, 2009

Media Tech Tonic #6: Social Networking for Artists, Designers, and Creative Professionals, Diane Darling, Social networking consultant, November 19, 2008

Media Tech Tonic #5: Linking Virtual and Real Worlds Through Sensor Networks, Joseph Paradiso, Director of the Responsive Environments Group, MIT Media Laboratory, October 15, 2008

Media Tech Tonic #4: Technology as a Tool for Artists and Designers, Mike Golembewski, Adjunct Dynamic Media Institute Faculty, MassArt, September 24, 2008

Media Tech Tonic #3: High Definition Camcorder Workshop, David Tamés, Media Arts Studio Manager, MassArt, July 16, 2008

Media Tech Tonic #2: Social Networking and Video, Philippe Lejeune, Artist,  June 18, 2008

Media Tech Tonic #1: WordPress: From blogging to dynamic web sites (workshop), David Tamés, Media Arts Studio Manager, MassArt, May 21, 2008